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10 Tips For Buying the Perfect Shoes For Your Feet

Running, walking, standing, walking, biking, etc. If it’s about the feet, then you’ll wear shoes. We buy them for the look, to combine with an outfit or to feel comfortable at work.

But how many of us buy shoes that are good for our feet? Do we think about the feet that support us all day and how can we support them in return?

Common foot problems, such as bunions, corns and very painful plantar fasciitis, are the result of, or are aggravated by, poor and poorly fitting shoes.

At Achilles Foot Care, we see many people with preventable foot problems walking through our doors, in some cases limping through the doors. You should understand the difference between shoes and sneaker to choose the best shoes for your work or school.

With this in mind, we put together a list of 10 tips for buying shoes that are good for your feet.

Go shopping for shoes in the afternoon

Our feet expand with use. If you are standing or walking all morning, your feet will be bigger in the afternoon. Your feet need the comfort of that extra fit, so we recommend buying shoes when your feet are in full size.

Wear the usual socks

Always put on the socks you wear when you do your daily routine. They are the ones you need when adjusting new shoes, not the ones you only wear on special occasions

Look at the sole

The sole of the shoe is where all the action happens. Take the constant strokes of the sidewalk and give you support while walking. Feeling every blow and crack puts pressure on your legs and joints. Choose a shoe with a sole that can withstand stress.

Stand up

It is vital to exert maximum pressure on the feet standing in the store. The feet extend with the strength of your weight, and the full size should match the fit

Get help with size

Do not guess the size of your shoe or choose the ones you usually wear. Ask a vendor to measure their feet, both, as they may differ slightly, and remember to stand up when they are doing so.

Leave space in front

We recommend that you leave at least half an inch on the front of the shoe for your comfort. Otherwise, the shoe can be tightened while walking, causing pain and blisters. It will not improve over time.

Try them by size

Often, a pair of shoes will not match both feet. This may be due to a difference in the size or shape of the foot between your two feet. Ask the seller for both shoes. Walk and have an idea of ​​them. What can be great when standing, may not be as good when walking

Feel the width

Also measure the width of your foot and always test how new shoes feel when walking. A shoe can fit perfectly from the heel to the toe, but it can have a problem if it is too tight on the center.

Use your judgment

You are the one who wears the shoes. Do not get carried away by the seller or the poster on the wall of the model that looks fabulous in the shoes. If you don’t feel comfortable with the shoes, don’t buy them.

Remember that shoes do not change

Neither do your feet. Keep all the above tips in mind and remember that shoes will not stretch or grow with use. They will not feel comfortable overnight. Buy shoes suitable for your feet from day one.

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